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So we have all seen the color blocking right?  It’s very hard to miss right now, but in case you need to know what I’m talking about take a look!

This is not a new trend, (you should be thinking 80″s) but is back with a bold statement.  I personally love the color blocking, but I must admit, I haven’t rocked it yet.  I know you can tell from the picture, but color blocking is nothing more than combining 2 or more blocks of color together in an outfit.  All of the above pictures are examples of tops and bottoms, but you can do jacket/shirt, outfit/shoes, outfit/bag etc.  Now how do you know what colors to block together?  Welcome to art class….

Normally your complimentary colors will be opposite each other on the color wheel, but as you will hear me say over and over, if you think it looks good together and you feel good about it go with it! But as a good rule of thumb for color blocking, stick with the opposite colors. However, to play it super safe, go with different shades of the same color.  See what I mean in the picture below.

A good place to start with this bold trend, is the outfit/shoes route.  Possibly a purple dress, orange shoes, or blue pants and yellow shoes.  (Just wanted to add that I picked yellow and blue way before I found this pic of Kimmy K)…but seriously, look at her, WOW!

I found a few outfits that would work to color block.(Found at Nordstrom and NY and Co)

I”m really liking blue and yellow, but the blue and orange would go together too.

I also like the purple and orange.  These would be my “go to” color blocking colors….

and for fun… grab a purse while you’re at it!

Oh yeah, please don’t color block with red and green…not even at Christmas.

Do you like the color blocking trend?  Are you currently color blocking?  Please dish, I want to know! Got any color blocking tips?


5 thoughts on “Color blocking|Style

  1. I used to color block, pink high waisted flair knee length shorts with a pink and purple shirt. Big bold pink and purple. It was 1989 or 1990- not sure which. I think I can do better these days. I like the yellows and blues or purples and yellows. I do need to get some colorful shoes. That may be my first step.

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