A few items…|wish list

This is a fun topic for me, as I am really good at wanting things.  I have to stop myself from shopping, as I am really good at spending money.  This will be therapeutic for me because I will tell you all about the things I see and stay out of the store.   (Kevin, bookmark this page on your computer please!)

Not all of my items are expensive for example,

Essie Nail Polish in Chinchilly $8.00. You can get Essie polish at the drug store, Target, really anywhere, but I check out Ulta because you can get lucky with bogo deals.

Also at Ulta,   this Hot Tools 3 Barrel waver.  Right now it is on sale for $35.99.  Are you asking yourself if I’m gonna go get it?  Stay tuned.

Now for the big one.  Anyone know Halston Heritage?  I love almost all of the clothes.  I have loved this one for a long time.

It is a whopping $585.00.  I have seen it in other colors as well.  Orange was my favorite.

I wore a Halston Heritage for my rehearsal dinner.  Okay, it was a copy, but I love it!

That would be me in the middle with the peach dress.  Everyone else, well those are my girls…Mistie, Amanda, Shawna, Kelly, Erin, Allison, and Vanessa.

What is on your wish list? Do you want something and go buy it, or do you wait?


5 thoughts on “A few items…|wish list

  1. Love that Essie color. 🙂 gray is hot! Just saying cuz have you seen my nails today? 😉 haha jk! Btw go get that dress- $585 is chump change!
    My wish list include: brown leather clutch, and losing 10lbs! Can I buy the last one?

  2. I want some cowboy boots. Two pair would be lovely. I will probably get brown first and then not sure. I love the way they make me feel when they are on. I will wait a bit for those. I used to just go and buy things ,but I have kids now so that is out the window. I also am going to try the gray polish. Thanks Vanessa for modeling that for me.

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  4. LOVE the Halston– one of the Housewives recently wore that in orange and I can’t think of which one it was??????

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