A few items…| Wish list

If you read last week’s post you saw that I wanted some Essie Nail Polish in Chinchilly.  I found some at Target and now own Chinchilly.  I love it….

This is what I have on my mind this week…

Kevin and I haven’t gotten away at all this summer, and I really want to.  I would be happy to go anywhere, but if money were no issue I would want to go here.

To Greece.  Or a Mediterranean cruise.  It look so beautiful and I want to go!  Has anyone ever been?

This next one may be more on Kevin’s wish list because he brought it up…

Another American Bulldog puppy.  We want a male this time, and saw these from the same place we got Mona.  We remember how hard it is to have a pup, and are trying to sell our house so we may have to wait a bit.  Which brings me to the big one…

I want to sell this…

So we can move into this…

From the looks of it I doubt I will have an update for you next week, but you never know, crazier things have happened.

Anything new on your wish list? What has been the last fun purchase you made?


6 thoughts on “A few items…| Wish list

  1. New on wish list- I want to learn to play the fiddle and be really good like Charlie Daniels. I also want to summer at the beach.

    Last fun purchase- Big hat from a great store, Humanite. Stylish and good for SPF. Also I bought gray nail polish that you suggested. Love it.

  2. On my wish list is a new computer, winning the lottery, and a new pair of Toms!
    Last fun purchase would have to be (I agree with Kelly) my two hats. A fedora hat and a big floppy hat for the pool!

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