Tray re-do| DIY

This may be one of my favorite DIY’s.  While hanging out at Vanessa’s after a pool day I spotted her wooden tray and suggested we fabric the bottom of it.  The tray was in perfect condition, but I had  gotten some fabulous fabric from Etsy, and thought it would look good.  A few weeks later I bring my bag of supplies and with the help of Vanessa we got to it!  Here are the supplies we used.

You can see the tray, fabric, measuring tape, scissors, no sew hem glue, spray adhesive, and you can’t see it, a piece of Plexiglas  to place on top once we were done.

  • First measure the bottom of the tray, (where the fabric will go).  The inside of her tray was 19 1/2, so we went a bit smaller to make sure we would have a good fit, 19 3/8.
  • We got the Plexiglas from Lowes.  They were able to use what they had from their scrap pieces so we got this for $1.00!  We were pumped!!
  • Since we had the exact measurement we wanted from the Plexiglas, we just used that to cut our fabric.  However you want to create a hem on all 4 sides so you want to cut your square a bit bigger than your measurements.   (Once you get your fabric cut, iron it so it is wrinkle free).

  • Now, go back and with a pen, trace around the Plexiglas, so you know where to make the hem.

  • We folded the hem and ironed it to create a seam.  I folded it back first so I could see my pen mark, and ironed a seam.

  • Then I folded it under to create the seam I really wanted.  This was easy because I had the ironed seam as my guide.

  • I can’t sew, (yet), so I love the no sew glue for projects like this.  Just lift up your hem and glue.

  • This is the trickiest part of the project.  I was glad to have Vanessa’s hands to help.  You’re gonna glue now.  You can spray the tray or the fabric with your spray adhesive, I sprayed the fabric because I didn’t want to get glue on the sides of the tray.

  • You want to work quickly, but just know you can lift up the fabric and replace it if you don’t get it quite right.  We had to do this a few times.  We worked from the middle and smoothed out wrinkles with our hands.
  • Now put in your Plexiglas…

And you’re done!  Look how great this turned out!!

I love it, and may fabric one for me now.  You know you can get trays anywhere, and it doesn’t matter if it is scratched or dinged, you can fabric it!

Here is the cost breakdown… tray: V already had it,  fabric: I’ve had for a while, but I think it was $12.00.  Plexiglas: $1.00, spray adhesive and no sew glue: already had on hand.  Total= $13.00

And here is one more look!

Okay one more I promise…

Do you have a tray you want to fabric now?  Are you gonna be on the lookout for a tray?


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