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You know by now I love Vanessa Schrotenboer Photography.  You should also know I love Vanessa.  We have been friends since she moved to Charlotte from Michigan with her husband Ryan.  Ryan and Vanessa have been great friends of ours, and we love getting together with them, making plans, and just enjoying a good friendship.  Vanessa has been there for me, and is so supportive of me.  She has taken our pictures quite a few times and not only took our wedding pictures, but was one of my bridesmaids.

We recently got together to celebrate Ryan and Amanda’s (another one of my girls) birthdays.  We grilled out, and Vanessa thought it would be a great time to take a few pics of me for my blog.  As always they turned out great and she knows her stuff y’all!

She makes you feel comfortable and captures the moment!  Seriously check out her blog and her work!

I have to share some of my favorites!

And we had to get my handsome hubby in a few…I love him.

Oh, and look who didn’t want to be left out…

Ryan and Vanessa’s pup Leo, he was tired from running around like CRAZY!

Thanks again for the wonderful pictures V, you make me feel pretty, but as Audrey Hepburn once said, “happy girls are the prettiest”.  We certainly do laugh a lot! Thanks for that!

Check out my About Me and my Can’t live without pages, as I added a few more pictures there as well!


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