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I have hit that point of the summer when I tell myself I will not buy anymore summer clothes.  I can get by on what I have.  This is difficult though, I find so many good deals on summer clothes, and it will stay hot for quite some time.  Hold me accountable friends, don’t let me add to the summer wardrobe.  (Unless I need something, or it is too good to pass up..deal?)  So with that thought, I wanted to talk about the fall, and the fall trends you will see.  A lot of the trends are carrying over from the summer, and even last fall so that is good.

70’s flare/wide leg pants are in.  Is it just me or does this one come in and out like crazy?  I have rocked this style at least 3 times, and I am still pretty youngish.  Remember what I said about not throwing clothes away……Chances are if you know me, you may see me in these as they are from NY and Co.

Bright pants.  This defiantly goes along with my color blocking post.  I have to go get some bright pants.  I like the blue.

Leather skirts.  Something else I don’t have.  Sorry Kevin, gotta go shopping.






Along with the leather skirts is the biker trend.  Do you have that leather coat with zippers?  No, me either.  But let’s all go get leather skirts and call it a day.

The tuxedo look.  Not 100% on board with this one.  I still like to look fairly girly, so I will eliminate the bow tie and stick to the vest and blazer.  But that’s just me.

















Mid calf skirts.  This is another one you can probably dig in your closet to bring back to life.


And the colors…blue (a bright navy or royal blue), mustard (I will take mine in shoes please), and although not colors, polka dots and stripes.  I found this outfit combining the blue and dots.






So there is my take on some of the fashion trends for fall.  I will add more as I see what is out there, and keep you posted on what I may buy.  Also I will tell you what is out.  Do you have a fall trend you know you will wear?  Is there one you don’t like? 

Update from last weeks Birchbox post…Vanessa Schrotenboer, JoAnne Ocasio, and Kristy Hogan will soon be getting Birchbox in the mail! They liked the idea of beauty samples and ordered!


3 thoughts on “Fall trends | Style

  1. I’m super excited to shop for fall clothes! The wide pants are hard for me because I feel it makes me look like a oompa loompa! But I want to wear more bronze colors, blazers, skinnies and my Michael Kors flats I’m obsessing over!

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