A few things | Wish list

Here we are again with the things I want.  I really love Wednesday, because I always want things.  On to the list.

I really want a sewing machine.  I want to learn to sew in a bad way.  I am going to attempt to teach myself, but I know I can get some assistance from my mother in law.  I found this one on Amazon, and it is a basic machine.  No need to spend hundreds of dollars on something that will probably frustrate me.  Anybody have advice on a good machine, or even tips on learning to sew?  I would appreciate it!

I found these rings on Pinterest.  I think they are so pretty and unusual.  They are a bit expensive so this may stay on the list for a while.  Do you visit Pinterest?  You can follow me on Pinterest and see all the things I have been pinning.

And finally a leather wrap watch.  I love this one, but I have seen a ton that I like.  This is also from Pinterest.  Did I mention I live Pinterest?  I definitely think I will get a wrap watch before too long.  It has been on my mind.

Those are the items for this week.  I have bought a few things this past week though…2 new Essie colors, and an Essie top coat that makes any polish matte.  I also bought a sample pack from Ulta with a foundation primer, eyeshadow primer, mascara, and lip gloss.  My sidekick Vanessa also got the same pack, and some Essie colors too.  Can’t pass up buy 2 get one free on polish!

Anything new on your list?  Have you been able to check anything off your list?  Stay tuned for more item next week!


6 thoughts on “A few things | Wish list

  1. I love Wednesdays also because it’s the only day I don’t feel selfish for listing all my wants in your comment box. Haha.

    I am wanting another eye shadow palete. I think chanel’s new fall one! Also want some more gloss, and I need new foundation since I’m banging the bottle for more to come out! 🙂

  2. I would love to empty out my make-up drawer and buy all new stuff I also need more belts. I just can’t make myself buy those when I have so much other stuff I need, like gas and food and electricity.

  3. I have a sewing machine and a serger. My sewing machine is from my great-grandmother and is from the 1930’s! It still works perfectly. The serger I picked up at a sewing store for $25! It was used and I didn’t know if I’d really like it. You might be able to find a used one in a sewing store for really cheap and then buy a better one if you feel you need one. I ended up loving the serger and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Singer is the best choice, but there are a lot of other good ones out there. I just wrote a blog about sewing… it will post next week! 🙂

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