Moss wreath | DIY

This DIY project is very easy.  I made this a few months ago after seeing it online somewhere.  I always like to have something on my door, but didn’t  have anything for the summer season.  Off to Michaels I went.  Michaels is great!  You can always get a coupon, and they have quite the variety.  I went weekly while I was planning my wedding and I know I saved a ton of money.  More on that in a later post.  Also, I never visit my nieces and nephew empty handed, but can’t spend a ton of money, so Michaels always has great things to take to them.

All you need is a hot glue gun, moss, a wreath, and whatever you want to embellish.  I bought this moss…

And if I remember, I bought six bags.  I also bought a straw wreath.  Any wreath will do, I had the Styrofoam wreath, but it was a few dollars more than the straw wreath.  You are covering it anyway so it doesn’t matter.

That’s all you need!  I already have a hot glue gun.  The moss can be messy, so I used a garbage bag as my work surface.  All you do is glue your moss on the wreath.  The moss I used was in sheets, so I just wrapped the moss, tore pieces as needed, and filled in parts.  I also had some straight pins in the drawer, so after everything was glued, I went back and pinned any parts that were sticking up.  That’s pretty much it.  And, I was talking to my sister on the phone most of the time while I was doing this.  I had some purple ribbon that I used to attach it to the door.

I had the wooden H and liked how it looked.  I did change the H out when we had an open house to a little sign that said “Please come in.”

Cost breakdown.  Moss: 6 bags at $6.00 $36.00, wreath: $5.00.  With 20% off coupons my total was $32.00.  This is much better than the one I saw on Ballard Designs for $79.00.

The moss has stayed green and in place for a few months now.  I think a square wreath would be nice, or even some letters, like my H, and cover those with moss for your mantle.  Let me know if you try it!




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