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Hello!  Today is all about shoes!  Today is all about the shoes I want!  Today I will fight the urge to go out and buy shoes! Today I will post pictures of shoes instead.  I want, want, want, these shoes, when you see them you will too!  Up first…

Who’s with me? I love a wedge, and they are a great alternative to a heel.  I would wear these to work, out to dinner, to Target, anywhere.  These are Steve Madden, and currently on sale at Nordstrom for $86.90.

I love boots.  I don’t know many people who don’t.  I want a pair of Frye boots, and have for quite some time.  Kevin has a pair and loves them!  I can’t decide which style I would want, so here are a few.

Love the heel. These are $398.00.  (Ouch)

These are just like Kevin’s, so we would be “that” couple with matching shoes….whatever, I like them for me too.  These are better than the boots above at a whopping $ 238.00.

Or maybe I should go with the…

classic cowboy boot.  These are $268.00. So, we shall see if I am able to score a pair of these.  Fingers crossed!

Up next are the fun shoes. My sister also likes these, and I have a feeling you will too.

I saw these on Pinterest, but can’t find where they came from.

What shoes do you want right now?  Do you now want peacock heels? 




3 thoughts on “Shoes | Wish list

  1. Why yes I do want peacock shoes!!!! You know I want cowboy boots too, really bad. I also love the way ankle boots look with dresses or skirts. I would love to have some of those too. You already gave me my wonderful and glorious CLs which I wore the other night and felt so pretty wearing them. Thanks again for that!!!

  2. I have some Frye cowboy boots circa 1980 ( Urban Cowboy fads) . They don’t fit anyone, but I keep them for some reason. I put them in the yard sale and took them out. They are are red snakeskin and off-white leather. They’re still in great shape.

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