Mason jars | DIY

This project is quite simple, and I wanted to share it because this would be great for any kind of party.  It was craft day at Vanessa’s again last week.  (It’s fun to DIY with friends). Vanessa is helping throw a bridal shower in September, and wanted to make it fun and   colorful.  There is not a lot of explanation required, so enjoy the photos!

The nail polish will be favors!  How cute!

I think these will look great filled with lemonade and sweet tea!  Vanessa ordered the straws online for $4.00!  They are super cute!  The labels she found at Michaels and just printed Cheers on them.  She ordered the mason jars from Amazon for $ 24.00. ($1.00 each).  Can’t you see this same look at a girls birthday party, or even a cookout?  There will also be cake pops with similar colors as a part of the decoration/food!

Oh, yeah, while we were doing this Amanda was busy painting something for Kevin and me.  Stay tuned to hear all about this!

What do you use your mason jars for?  They were a big part of our wedding, which I promise I will share!



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