Quick fabric tray | DIY

The title says it all.  From start to finish this took 5 minutes.  This was inspired by the fabric tray re-do I did here.  We had this small tray in our bathroom, and it was just alright.  I got it at a silent auction, it was included with a few other things, and had lived with it.  I had all the materials on hand so thought I would fabric it.  My materials were, the fabric, scissors, and spray adhesive.  That’s it.

See the tray?  With the stamps and stuff?  It looks better now, just wait…

So first I cut the fabric so it could cover and wrap around the back a bit.  I just eyeballed this.

Plus I have no idea what the tray even says!

Next I took this outside since I was using the spray adhesive.  Safety first!  I sprayed the bottom and sides of the tray and just pressed down tightly.Then I flipped it over, and sprayed one long side and pulled and pressed it down.  Then I did the other long side.

For the short ends, I sprayed and folded it like you wrap a present.

You can really see how there were zero measurements going on here.  Nothing on the back is at all even, but who sees the back?  And here is the finished tray.

I like it much better than the stamp tray….btw, this was just a plastic tray, I bet you can go find these at the dollar store!

Total cost of this project:  $0.00  I had everything on hand.

Have you done a tray re-do yet?  I would love to see if you have! 



4 thoughts on “Quick fabric tray | DIY

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