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Remember when Vanessa and I did the mason jars, and I mentioned Amanda was busy working on something for us?  Well, I’m about to share how talented she is.  Before I do, you have to know a little about Amanda.  She is the girl who will make you laugh by telling a story, that may or may not be funny, that’s just how she is!  She will listen to you complain, and call you to complain.  She will go to your bachelorette weekend even though she is sick.  She will go to your wedding and have just as much fun as you!  She will not remember celebrity names to save her life (Justin Bateman) and she will send funny videos of herself rapping!  She will clog, she will laugh and cry in the same second, and she hands down gives the best hugs!  I love this girl!

Amanda sat at the kitchen table and painted this for me and Kevin.

That is Tybee Island Lighthouse, which was the background of our wedding.  Here is an actual picture.

Pretty amazing huh?  I think she could sell these, make hand painted note cards and stationery.  We love it and can’t wait to display it!  Thanks Amanda!



5 thoughts on “Amanda’s talented | Random

  1. Kara, (& Amanda)…that is beautiful…I didn’t know that she was an artist…I guess you learn something new everyday. You are right, she should make things & sell them.

  2. Thanks for the blog love my sweet, sweet friend!!! I am so happy to be able to call you a BFF!!! I think YOU are GREAT! Maybe next time we have DIY day I will do another one with better lines and shading…but until then…I’m glad you are enjoying it!!! As we both know, this one took almost a year for me to get to…the next one might take a year as well! Haha!!! So glad ya’ll are enjoying Tybee now!!! Have fun!!! xoxo

    Oh yeah…Kelly laughed out loud at the “Justin Bateman” comment cause he knows how bad I am at remembering names!!

    • WOW!!!!! I knew you had skills, I did not know that artist was one of them. That picture is beautiful. You should have a business for sure!!!

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