Old rake | DIY

Here’s another simple DIY that my sister and I both did.  During one of my visits home we rummaged around my grandfather’s old house (actually the basement) looking for some treasures.  My sister found a great old, old, wicker chair, I found a mirror, and an old fridge, the kind that is kinda rounded on top, that I really hope still works!  It will be great in the garage for extra storage for drinks things.  Anyway, we grabbed some old rakes that were without a handle.  And this is what we did…

Jewelry/accessory holders.  Sorry that picture is so blurry….

And here is Kelly’s.

Oh, there is the chair she grabbed.  How great is that?   I know this is certainly not everyone’s taste and that’s fine.  I love how I can hang my necklaces instead of how they usually end up in a wad in my jewelry box.  You could spray paint the rake if you wanted, which may be an option down the road.  This may sound a bit cheesy, but I also wonder who all used this particular rake.  Did my great-grandfather use it, and would he smile knowing it’s holding his great granddaughters  jewelry?



3 thoughts on “Old rake | DIY

  1. What a crafty idea. I’m still trying to figure out how to display/store my jewerly. Last thing-I love that it’s a recycled piece from your family; it holds a little more meaning than a store-bought hook rack.

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