Birchbox | Style

Guess what was waiting in my mailbox when I got back from vacation?

I get so excited to see that pink box…

And the brown box inside of that…

And here are my items for this month…

Befine Night Cream and body wash, Blinc Mascara, Kate Spade Twirl Perfume, Liftlab anti-aging serum, and not pictured a Twistband Hair tie ( I already had it in my hair before I snapped the photo)

Now, from just getting back from my vacation and a bit too much sun on my face, the night cream came in handy, especially since I had run out of my face moisturizer.  I like it, and use it other than at night!  I haven’t used the anti-aging serum yet, I should probably start thinking about that…eek.  I haven’t used the mascara yet, after all I am a Dior Show kind of gal, but Vanessa used hers and liked it.  I sprayed the perfume just to get a smell and it was pleasant, I will probably use it since I alter perfumes anyway.  I am already excited to get my next Birchbox!

You can learn all about Birchbox by visiting their website.  You can also see my loot from last month here!


2 thoughts on “Birchbox | Style

  1. Love the hair tie, Befine cream and I do enjoy the mascara. It is different almost like a wax. So when you rub your eyes it doesn’t smear. 🙂 can’t wait till Sept 10.

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