No Sew Pillow | DIY

First of all I need to apologize for some blog laziness.  With getting back from vacation and jumping back into work, I have yet to figure out my blog/work routine.  Thanks for bearing with me!  So remember when I did the tray re-do?  You can see it here.  Well I had some fabric left from that and decided to make a new cover for a pillow on our bed.  The pillow was okay, and we had gotten it with this tray at a silent auction.  They matched, and both looked like a letter.  A letter you would mail, not of the alphabet…..It looked fine on our bed, but I decided it was time for a change.  What do you think?

So I gathered my materials from my craft bag…

I love the liquid stitch.  I would love to sew more but I’m not there yet.  I used the liquid stitch on my maxi dress last Saturday to fix a hem.  While I was wearing it!  Love it! Next I realized I could just remove the letter pillow cover and was left with the insert.  I will keep the letter cover, it may work in an office or something.

I measured my fabric around the pillow, and did not use one thing to measure, just eyeballed it.

And though that looked about right.  I then made a hem around all sides to give me clean lines.  You will have to imagine that because my camera battery died.  I almost didn’t find the charger.  It was still packed in my suitcase in case you were wondering.

So then I wrapped the fabric around the pillow again and joined the seams together on the side with the liquid stitch.  I just had to glue a bit and pinch it together.  I did this with the pillow inside so I could get a tight fit.  I repeated on the sides.  I was happy with the clean look of the seams.

Kinda blurry but you can see the seam.  And here is the final!

Here it is again on the bed.

I think it is a huge difference from the post office pillow.  What do you think?



8 thoughts on “No Sew Pillow | DIY

  1. I can’t believe you glued it! I attempted that with a purse many years ago and it didn’t quite work out. I’d love to try this. Also, I love the new pillow, but I can’t stand how cute the post pillow is.

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  4. i love this pillow! i have a few pillows i’ve been wanting to recover.. but i’m not there at all with sewing! i am so going to try this trick! 🙂 thanks.
    ps. i love your blog too!! going to do the mercury glass someday as well.

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