Kardashian Wedding Likes and Dislikes | Style

First of all it was not the wedding of the year, that title goes to my friend Kate for a little something called The Royal Wedding!  Just saying.  I do love a good wedding, even celebrity weddings.  However, I have to say I was not thrilled with Kimmy K’s special day.  It certainly was quite the event, and I wished she would have remembered my invite.  Let’s start with the dress dresses.  I mean come on, you can’t be happy with one Vera Wang?  I don’t think I even entertained the thought of a second dress at my wedding, I loved mine too much.  But I don’t have Kardashian money, and Vera Wang isn’t a personal friend of mine.  But I’m not bitter.  I know you have all seen the pics, but it is difficult to find any online to post.  Those Kardashians only let People magazine have rights, and you can’t even see those online.  Dress #1, tulle skirt ball gown with long @&& train and veil.  Dress #2, mermaid gown with a ton of stuff around the bottom.  How did she dance in this?  Dress # 3, bias cut satin gown which was my favorite of the 3.  She looked beautiful.  Her makeup was flawless, but not a fan of the headpiece.

I was surprised there was no necklace.  I think it was a good decision, but she wore diamonds everywhere else she could, why not her neck? Okay, now the black and white theme.  I guess to me it comes across as bridezilla when you give instructions on what to wear.  I get the formality of the black and white, but it’s just not pretty to me.  This is pretty.

Yes, I just compared my wedding to Kim’s.

Now, the sisters looked amazing. They wore ivory dresses also by Vera, and I loved them.  And I would love to have Kardashian hair.

I liked that the reception dinner menu was simple.  They had tomato and mozzarella salad, roasted chicken, pasta,and potatoes.

I like her ring.  Duh.

I will watch the wedding special once it airs on E in October. (October 9 and 10th) and maybe I will change my mind a bit on the dresses and theme.  I will let you know.

So what was your opinion of the wedding?  Did you love every detail, do you want to have a wedding re-do, do you wish you were a Kardashian?  Will you watch the wedding event on E or could you care less? 

P.S.  Kim, if you for some crazy reason stumble upon my blog, no offense.  I love you and I am just upset that I didn’t receive my invitation.  I would have worn white or black to your wedding like you asked.  I would have enjoyed every second of your wedding. Oh well, I understand.


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