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So this is random today, but not really because I love music.  Normally as I blog I am listening to music.  When we cook we listen to music, when we drink a glass of wine on the couch we listen to music, when we clean we listen to music.  See a pattern?  So as I type this and as I have been doing a few things around the house I thought I would let you know what songs have been played on my iPod.  I am bad at playing DJ and will skip a ton if I’m not in the mood.  I’m gonna list those too.  Just so you can see the random songs we listen to.

  1. Zac Brown Mary
  2. The Drifters Sitting On the Dock of the Bay
  3. Pink Raise Your Glass
  4. Josh Groban Feels Like Home (skipped)
  5. Ray Lamontagne & The Pariah Dogs New York City’s Killing Me
  6. John Anderson Just a Swinging
  7. Jason Aldean She’s Country
  8. Johnny Mercer moon River (skipped)
  9. Zac Brown Band Keep Me In Mind (I turned this up)
  10. Adele Lovesong
  11. Charlie Daniels Rocky Top
  12. Tracy Chapman Smoke and Ashes (one of my faves)
  13. Dolly Parton Jolene
  14. Adele I’ll Be Waiting
  15. Sam Cooke You Send Me
  16. Warren G Regulate (skipped sorry Amanda)
  17. Ray Lamontagne & The Pariah Dogs Like Rock & Roll And Radio
  18. The Jesus and Mary Chain Just Like Honey
  19. Ray LaMontagne Hannah
  20. Michael Buble I’m Your Man

So there is a taste of our taste in music. And to celebrate my love of music I am giving one of you lucky blog readers a $25.00 iTunes gift card!  Think of the song you can buy!  I love iTunes gift cards!

To enter, just leave a comment telling me 5 songs on your shuffle, or tell me your favorite song right now.

You have until Wednesday at midnight to enter, winners will be announced Thursday.

Oh, and one more thing, the entire month of September Ray LaMontagne’s Trouble album is on sale at for $5.00.  Do yourself a favor and get it if you don’t have it!



5 thoughts on “Giveaway | Random

  1. Ok well right now my daughter has control of my ipod. She is 7 but luckily for me loves the songs I love and loves Zac Brown. Zac Brown is never skipped on my ipod. #2 would be Copperhead Road by Steve Earle. Again Phoebe, my 7 year old, listens to this over and over. She does not realize the moonshine aspect. She thinks the song is about snakes. #3 Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean is a favorite. #4 Billy Jean by Michael Jackson has the best beat to it. Yes I dance to it. Yes I can moonwalk. I love it!!!! #5 It is hard to name just 5. You got to name more than that. I guess it would be Old Alabama songs. I love them and my kids sing along too. How awesome is that? A 7 year old and two 4 year old singing their guts out to Song of the South is the best sound in the world. There you have it!

  2. I put the iPod on shuffle and here are the first 5 that came up…I guess I have a pretty random collection as well! 1. Taylor Swift – Change, 2. Alkaline Trio – While You’re Waiting, 3. Billy Joel – Say Goodbye to Hollywood, 4. The Postal Service – Brand New Colony, 5. Kenny Chesney – I Lost It

  3. My iPod is so random! Here are my five! 1. Chris Brown- next to you 2. Michael Buble- Heartache Tonight 3. Gavin DeGraw – More than anyone 4. Zac Brown Band -Mary 5. Live-Heaven

    Btw I am now walking around the house singing “Mary, Mary, why you always do me this way!” repeat 100 times.

    @Kelly- you are so moonwalking for me this weekend!! 🙂

  4. Well… Listening to my ipod right now and here are my last 5…. 1. Remind Me by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. 2. Like it Used to be – The Randy Rogers Band (I totally want to go to Billy Bob’s in Texas) 3. My Heart Can’t tell you No – Sara Evans 4. Arms of a Woman – Amos Lee 5. Kiss – Prince I love such a variety of music.. I have recently found myself liking something very new to me which is Dubstep.. Kind of funny that I would like such a thing… Just really enjoying the bass and beat… Good Lord I feel so old!! LOL

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