White after Labor Day? | Style

We all know the “rule” don’t wear white after Labor Day right?  Well, who goes by this rule? Seriously, I want to know.  No judgment here just curious.  I admit, I did once upon a time.  I thought I must follow all of the fashion rules so I did.  Do you know the history of why this rule ever came to be?  Lucky for you I do.  And this actually makes a lot of sense.  So forever ago, way before air conditioning and different fabric choices, white was the color of choice because it was lightweight, and a much cooler color than dark colors. So people wore white during the summer months. Now, as fall and winter rolled around, the rain and snow made for a muddy situation that just didn’t look great with white clothes.  That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

I don’t wear a ton of white during fall and winter, but I do have some ivory pants that I love, and who doesn’t wear a cute white button down?  I also have an ivory cape that I love and an ivory leather pencil skirt would be fab!

I found a few outfits from NY & Co that show that you can and should wear white after Labor Day.

















If you look back at Coco Chanel’s fashion, some of her signature pieces were white suits.

So in summary I will continue to rock white.  One rule though, nothing thin, or too lightweight looking.  It still has to look like you are dressing for the appropriate weather.  So if you see me, please don’t talk about me behind my back.  I wear what I like!  Who’s with me?  Who else is ready for fall?

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