Leather Wrap Bracelet and Giveaway Winner | DIY

This one is just okay so don’t get too excited.  I have wanted a leather wrap bracelet for a while now since seeing them on Pinterest.  (Still haven’t become a victim of Pinterest yet?  Do yourself a favor and go!)  Anyway, I haven’t bought a wrap bracelet yet, but have come close.  They actually have some really cute ones at Target that I pick up every time I’m there.  I went to Michael’s a while back and just picked up these materials.

Not the scissors.

I just looked around and grabbed the leather, and the brass fasteners.  All from the jewelry section.  It took a while to figure out what I wanted to do exactly.  There was a lot of tying and wrapping around my wrist a few times.  Finally I had a game plan.

So I cut the leather into 4 equal parts and tied them around a brass fastener.

Then I took the 2 sections on each side and tied each end of the fastener to it.  Does that make sense?  I swear I will try not to say fastener anymore.

After wrapping it on my wrist it was too long, and too wrappy.  New word, wrappy. So I cut it and adjusted the…um, fasteners.  Sorry.

And the end result….

It’s alright.  I will wear it.  I won’t wear it everyday.  I will wear it to show you that it looks better than the picture.  It makes me mad when I get a blurry picture.  I need a new camera.  Am I off topic?

I think you all should attempt to make a leather wrap bracelet.  I want to see how creative you can get.  I bet you can do a better job than me.

Speaking of off topic, the giveaway winner is……

Kim!  (According to random.org)  Just leave me a comment with your email address, and I will sent it right to you!  Congratulations!  Oh and there will be another giveaway soon!



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