A few things | Wish List

It has been a while since I have done a wish list post.  Trust me, I want things all the time, but I have just decided not to post every little thing.  We have been pretty busy, Kevin’s fall season has started, I have been back to work and still trying to figure out my blog schedule.  We are still dealing with the house stuff, and that is a huge stress.  I can’t even begin to explain.  Pretty much, my biggest wish is to get into our house.  We have the house under contract, but we cannot move in yet because we need to sell out current home.  We are now looking into other options with our townhome.  Has anyone else dealt with real estate lately?  Not fun!!!  Even though I have mentioned this before, it still applies.  I want to move into this house!

I try not to question why this isn’t easy for us, and why we can’t get in there yet, but I know not to question the timing God has for us.  For some reason we are not to move in yet, and I will accept that.

Something else I want is this…

How great is this apothecary cabinet?   Have you ever been to Sleep Poet Antique mall?  It is amazing!  We will go from time to time to walk around when we have some time.  I love this place, love it!  It is huge and you need a lot of time to walk around.  It is on South Blvd.  Anyway, we always find something we want. Once it was a table, some Louis Vuitton luggage, knives (that would be Kevin) salt and pepper shakers, and the list goes on.  We saw this and I just thought of 100 things and places to put this.  It was close to $500.00, so it stayed there.  I still think about it, and would like to find one someday.

The last thing I want is fall weather.  I am beyond ready for cool crisp weather.  I want to wear boots, sweaters, scarves, tights and leggings, and all the fall attire.  Plus my summer color is fading fast and there is no need to show as much skin.  I want to go on walks with a sweatshirt, and slip on my Uggs to take Mona outside because it is chilly.

What is currently on your wish list?  Have you gotten anything new that you love?  Please share!  I have bought a few new beauty products that I will share in a later post!

Have a great Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “A few things | Wish List

  1. I’m sure you’ve looked into this but I have had some clients do this until their home sold so they could move. Can you rent your current house for enough or more to cover your mortgage payment? If you can get a tenant lease on your house for at least enough to cover the mortgage and show the bank a signed lease, they consider that into getting a new loan. That way you are not stuck covering two mortgage payments on your own, the rent income covers one. I don’t know if that is an option for you. Just wanted to mention it and maybe get things moving faster. Waiting is the hardest part. Now you have a new addition coming along and will be very anxious to have your new home ready for the baby. I’m very happy for you.

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