Pink or Blue? | DIY

Well, Kevin helped me with this DIY project…

Baby Hill will be here in March!

We are very excited and thrilled about the next few months.  I am officially 12 weeks pregnant, and I want to tell you all about it!  This will be a long one…

How we I found out.

It was Saturday July 23rd.  Kevin was out-of-town, and I was enjoying my Saturday with Mona. I was a few days late, only 2.   I had plans to go have dinner at my in-laws, on Sunday and knew I would be having a glass of wine while there.  I was feeling great, no nausea, but knew pregnancy could be an option.  Well, I didn’t want to have a drink if pregnant, so I was going to rule it out.  Or so I thought.  I took a test, and proceeded to get ready to run errands.  I wasn’t even watching the time, but looked down and it said yes!  I freaked for a second.  I came downstairs and (I can’t believe I’m about to admit to this) and googled “what does it mean if my pregnancy test says yes”  or something like that.  Now, really what I was trying to learn was is there a chance of a false positive.  The answer…no.  I didn’t take another test that day.  I was happy.  I ran errands, I told no one. Kevin had to be the first to know, and I wasn’t telling him this over the phone.  I kept this to myself and it was hard.  Sunday morning I took 2 more tests.  I went to my in-laws and carried around a glass of wine.  They would have known if I didn’t drink.  Kevin called and said he was home.  I left to head home shortly after.  I was nervous.

How I told Kevin

So Kevin was home from his weekend of baseball.  He was showered and relaxed with a drink in hand.  We chatted for a minute and I told him I wanted to show him the shoes I bought while he was away.  Nothing new to him, I like shoes, I buy shoes.  So I went upstairs and brought down one of my shoe boxes.  I handed it to him and he opened it.  This is what he saw.

The pictures are from our cell phones, sorry they are small.  Kevin stopped breathing.  He said, “Are you pregnant?”  I said yes and started crying.  He hugged me, we both had happy tears and talked about it the rest of the night.  We decided when and how we would tell family and friends.

Telling loved ones.

We made plans to visit my hometown so I could share the news.  However, I couldn’t wait to tell Kelly.  Tuesday after we found out we Skyped with her and told her.  She of course hoped for twins.

We had Kevin’s parents over for dinner.  We did the same “Want to see Kara’s new shoes” bit.  They cried.  This will be their 8th grandchild.

We told my parents when we went to visit.  During dinner I asked my Mom and Step Father what they were doing towards the end of March. I did the same thing for my Dad and Lee Anne.

We told Vanessa and Ryan while at dinner.  We were waiting at P.F.Chang’s, and everyone had a drink.  However mine was just grapefruit juice.  (This is a trick I used a few times).  Vanessa wanted me to taste her wine, and I had to blow her off.  Se thought I was rude…not really, but it was strange to her that I didn’t sip.  We were talking, Ryan and Kevin were in a conversation as were V and I.  Our conversation was actually about babies and life in general and she said, ” Well, I guess you’re not pregnant,” as she looked towards my drink.  I smiled and said, well……Kevin confirmed it to them, and we hugged and laughed and talked about it all night.  And then we went to see Harry Potter.

This is funny.  Amanda, oh Amanda.  The 3 of us were at V’s house.  I knew I would do the same shoe story with her.  I asked Vanessa if she would take a picture of some new shoes for my blog.  She was in on it.  I went to my car to grab the shoes and put them right in front of Amanda, knowing she would open it.  She did and squealed and slammed the lid back on the box.  We laughed and it was the best.  You would have thought there was a snake in the box.

I told Allison, who is also pregnant during lunch with her family.  I asked her what she was drinking, because I couldn’t have caffeine either.

I have been feeling great.  No morning sickness, but I eat all the time.  I will get a bit queasy at times, but as soon as I eat I’m good. I can’t choose not to button my pants.  I have been sporting the belly band.  I may not continue to speak of weight gain, but as of my last appointment I had only gained 1 pound.  It feels like more.  I am still exercising, but I can’t do Pilates because soon, I cannot lay flat on my back.  My exercise of choice is walking.  We decided we want to know the gender, and we will be having our anatomy scan towards the end of October.  I sleep pretty good, I get up to pee at least once, and my mind is already training me to wake up when I am on my back or belly because I wake up a lot to change positions.  I haven’t really had cravings, but Kevin may tell you different.  I will see something on TV and get it at the store next visit.  Kevin thinks it’s funny when we go to the store, we buy a lot, and random stuff.  We have had 3 appointments, the first to confirm, the second to hear the heartbeat and have an ultrasound.  This was at 7 weeks,

At our last appointment we heard the heartbeat again, which I knew was cool, but it is so amazing when it actually happens to you.  Our next visit will be September 29th.

We are truly blessed and thankful for this amazing miracle.






17 thoughts on “Pink or Blue? | DIY

  1. Sooooo excited for you both!!!! You are going to make such great parents!!!! I laughed out loud to myself as I re-lived the shoe box moment!!! Can’t wait till March!!!!

  2. Quick questions, did you have all the products on hand for this DIY? I didn’t see the cost anywhere! 😉 haha!

    We are SOOOO excited for ya’ll and can’t wait to meet Baby Hill!

  3. Congrats again (After you had told me in the Workroom)! Here comes another little Hill to run around the Creek. Very happy for you and Kev.


  4. This is the cutest thing ever! Since my husband and I got married, I’ve always thought of different ways to tell him we were pregnant. But I think this idea tops the cake. Congratulations on the new addition! I hope you don’t mind I found you over at Sits and I plan on following your blog. My blog is VERY new and I’m still trying to work on it, but it’s nice to have others who are active and inspiring! Hopefully we can bounce ideas off each other sometime. I can’t wait to see the new baby.

    • I would love to have you as a blog follower!! I will also be visiting yours! Unfortunately, we lost the baby at 14 weeks. We are confident we will have a bundle of joy at the right time! Nice to meet you!

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