Weekend in Asheville | Random

I have the best friends.

As you know, it has been a rough few weeks for us.  We couldn’t have gotten through it without our friends and family.  We are lucky.  My friends decided it would be healing (and fun) to have a relaxing weekend together in Asheville.  Mistie’s Mom has a beautiful house with a beautiful view.  They were out-of-town so we were lucky to stay there while they were away.  I got a few pictures that I want to share, but jump on over to Vanessa’s blog where you can see more pictures of our weekend.

Vanessa and Amanda picked me up last Friday evening.  We chatted and laughed the whole way. That’s the thing about us, we all like to talk, and I love it.  We made it there fine after pulling in 2 different driveways.  You had to be there, it really was hilarious.  Plus, we have all been there before but still had trouble. Kelly and Mistie had gotten there before us and after hugs we ate dinner and retired to the porch for a while.  It was so relaxing.  So relaxing.

Saturday morning the relaxation continued.  (Until Mistie attacked V with cotton balls). We enjoyed coffee and bagels, got dressed and went for a little retail therapy.  Thanks girls for the retail therapy you all participated in…

We debated going out for dinner, but we really wanted to see the sunset, and get back out on the porch.  You would have too if you were there.  Saturday night was wonderful, with a ton of laughs and lots of girl talk.  (And a little furniture moving).

None of us wanted to leave Sunday.  It was the most amazing weekend and we did nothing but spend time together.

Kelly, Mistie, Amanda, and Vanessa, I love you girls.  Thank you for deciding right away that we all needed to get away together.  It was just what I needed.  I look forward to the next event!

And now a few pictures.

This was taken with the timer on my camera.  Shortly after this we were in yoga pants and sweatshirts.

Our view.  Seriously.


Amanda.  And a bear.

Vanessa with me .

Vanessa at work.  Remember go check out her pictures.  They are better than mine…

Until next time friends…


3 thoughts on “Weekend in Asheville | Random

  1. Oh and there will be a next time! It was a blast. So glad we all got together and we can have so much fun doing basically nothing. That is friendship!!!!

  2. It was such a great weekend! I don’t know HOW I missed this post! I laughed loudly when I read the part about the driveways!!!! Still makes me CRACK UP thinking about it!!! Love you and can’t wait to do it again!!!

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