October Birchbox | Style

It’s the small things in life, but I get super excited to get my Birchbox in the mail.  You must go sign up so you can receive your box of beauty products each month. It’s only 10 bucks, and to me, so worth it.

I save my boxes.  For me, they are great for storage in the bathroom, jewelry, etc, and there was a blog post dedicated to Birchbox overhauls that I saw a while back.

Included this month:  Ahava cleansing cream.  I have tried it and it is gentle and gets the job done.

Befine lip serum.  Tried it and it make your lips feel good and shiny.

Laura Geller Spackle tinted under makeup primer.  I haven’t tried this yet, it looks pretty dark, and I am pretty pale right now.  (Kara pale, as my friends like to say)

Orofluido beauty elixir.  This is for your hair.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I am excited to!  I love how it smells, and I love to try hair products.

And finally The Laundress Delicate wash.  I am not one to wash my “delicates” seperate, so when I make the decision to do so, I will use this and let you know.

So how are you enjoying your Birchbox?  If you haven’t signed up then why not?  Do you wash delicates separately? Is that too personal?



2 thoughts on “October Birchbox | Style

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