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I didn’t want to ever have to come clean about this, but I have been in rehab for a little over a year now.

Brow rehab.

And it has not been fun.

I have rules to follow.

I have to see someone about this every 4-5 weeks depending on the need.

I cannot touch a pair of tweezers.

So now you know.  If you have seen me and wondered what is up with my brows, I am trying to let them grow in a bit.  I have made the mistake of running into “waxing” places where it is dark in the room, they talk to each other (probably about me) and I am out of there in 5 minutes. With thin brows.  Never again, they have ruined me.

Before my wedding last year my esthetician started shaping my brows.  They’re making progress, but slowly.  She has gotten a nice arch, but they grow slowly in the middle.  It kinda just looks like I am forgetting to tweeze.  Plus one brow grows slower than the other.  Figures.

I hate to tweeze so I haven’t had an issue leaving them alone.  So now if you have talked to me close up in week 3 or 4 you know why I look a bit scary hairy.

In the meantime I have a great product to tell you about.  I love it and wanted to share with you in case you have brow issues like me.  It is called Brow Zing by Benefit.  My esthetician told me about it, and she also uses it, so I naturally went to Ulta. She said to fill in brows you should never use a pencil, so I will pass that along to you.  I didn’t want to look like some elderly people I know with obviously artistic brows, and she assured me that this kit would work.  It is a wax and shadow-y powder combo.  She also suggested I go medium brown, and I read that you should go a shade lighter than your brow color so she was right.

Here is the Brow Zing.  It lasts forever btw.

And here are some brow pics.  It is really difficult to  a) take close up pictures of your brows, and  b) share close up pictures of yourself on your blog so please ignore flaws, and be kind.

Here are the brows in all their glory.  Still gotta work on the middle growth.

Here is a picture of the brows one with Brow Zing and one without.  See the difference? (I hope so).

It just fills it in a bit and adds fullness.

And now we have both brows zinged.

So now when you see me you all know my secret.

And also know that I almost waited to post this until Vanessa could take pics of my brows.  I have a feeling it wouldn’t be quite so scary.

Here is a not so close up look.  A self taken photo obviously….

I officially like pictures taken further away….And I got all fixed up for you too, gee…

So how are your brows?  What is your brow routine?  Do you tweeze, wax, go get a wax, or leave em?



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