Wishes fulfilled | Wish List

I haven’t posted a wish list lately, but I always want things.  That’s bad huh?  Well, anyway, I wanted to show you all some of my recent purchases that I love.

This dress from New York and Company.

I wore this to a wedding, and Kevin looked great in a gray suit and pink tie that matched me.

And this dress from New York and Company.

I wear this to work.

I love them both.

Kevin got some Reebok Zigs and loves them.  He loved them so much he bought me a pair.  I love them too.

I have started working out again so these are great!

That picture is huge.

Vanessa discovered the next one, and I bought one too.  It is an eyeshadow palette from Nyx.  It was only $10.00, and the colors are great.  I’m a fan.


So those are some of my recent purchases.  What have you bought recently that you love?

PS. Still on the wish list is a pair of Frye boots.  Maybe Christmas?



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