Mona | Random


You are about to see thousands of pictures of our pup Mona.

If you don’t have the patience, or care to read about our bulldog, well, I don’t know what to tell you. But just know that I’m going to start from the beginning.

Three years Kevin and I decided to get a dog. Long story short, we decided we wanted an American Bulldog. You know, one of the dogs in the movie Homeward Bound. (If you haven’t seen it, maybe my niece Phoebe will let you borrow it). Anyway, she was so small when we brought her home. (compared to her size now)

Oh, and she didn’t have a name for about 3 days. We finally decided on Mona. It fits her.

She grew fast. Before we knew it we had this.

She hasn’t had an easy 3 years. We almost lost Mona after only 1 short year. One May afternoon, Kevin and I took Mona to the greenway for a jog. She had a heatstroke. We knew instantly something was terribly wrong. Another long story short, we got her to the emergency vet. Her temperature was too high to measure. It wasn’t looking good. She was in bad shape, and there was nothing we could do but leave her there. After a week of bad phone calls telling us bad news, and after many blood transfusions, and after many long hours sitting at the emergency vet, she finally turned a corner. She sat up and barked, it’s Mona’s signature bark, yelp, noise that is so her. If you know Mo you know what I mean. So we were finally able to bring her home, and she has been perfectly healthy.

I wanted to show some pictures that would show her personality. She is an amazing dog and we obviously love her!

She will sit in front of the mirror and look at herself. She also watches TV.

Do you see her? She does this on her own, by the way.

There she is…

Her paws are huge.

And she sometimes has crazy eyes.

She loves to snuggle, and I love it too.

Like me, she loves the sun.

Even if it is just a little bit of sun…

She uses a pillow…

And does this weird thing with her leg.

She also loves the fireplace, will let me get in her face with the camera, knows when it’s 6:00 and time for her to eat, goes crazy when Kevin gets home, has a mean bark when she wants to, loves kids, and snores really loud.

Thanks for reading all that. We love our girl.


3 thoughts on “Mona | Random

  1. I love mo mo!!! 🙂 you forgot to mention that her tail bruises people and her and I wear the same
    size shoes. 🙂 love the one of her looking at herself in the mirror. Typical girl- cant walk by a mirror without taking a peak!

  2. I love Mona and my kids miss her so much. I miss her big ol head too!!! I love looking at pictures and will show these to my kids!!!

  3. Love the picture of her looking in the mirror! Our pup Ollie has had a rough 3 years as well…he had a weird (and extremely gross…I’ll spare you the details) skin growth removed from his back leg just before he turned 1, and about 6 months ago he tore his ACL and had to have it repaired. We’re still dealing with the recovery from that tough surgery, but he’s almost back to all his usual activities! Oh, and he has the crazy-eye look sometimes too, except for us it’s usually when we’re trying to snuggle him…he’s not so much of a snuggler haha. You’re lucky Mona is!

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