Tybee Island Thanksgiving | Random

We spent this past Thanksgiving in Tybee Island.  You all know how much we love Tybee and how much it means to us.  It was great to spend it with my Mom and Step Dad and the Carnes fam.  We did miss the Hill family though…

We had the most relaxing time.  No plans, no schedule, it was great.  And I got to spend five days with these guys..

I also had a lot of fun with Kelly.

We did a lot of this together.

We ate Thanksgiving dinner around 8:00 Thursday night.  We spent some time on the beach, and took our time cooking and enjoying the day.  Mom did the turkey, gravy, and dressing, we did all of the sides and dessert.  It was so good.

The kids spent a lot of time on the iPad.

Friday and Saturday was spent  on the beach, and Kevin and I spent a bit of time on the island shopping around.

Kevin forgot his entire suitcase at home…good thing we were in relaxation mode and had a washing machine.

Kevin and I took a walk to the location of our wedding.  It is great to be able to go back there and remember.

Saturday night we went to a boat parade on the Savannah River.  All of the boats were decked out in lights.  There was a fireworks show after the parade.  We all loved it, but wanted to figure out how to get a boat and join the parade next year.

We had a ton of laughs on the trip and as always can’t wait to go back.  Tybee has provided us with so many wonderful memories and this trip has given us even more.

Kelly, I can’t wait to read your comment as I am sure you will mention the funny things I neglected to mention…



Wedding DIY | DIY

We decided right away that we would do as much as possible ourselves in order to save money, and make it exactly what we wanted.  We were lucky that we didn’t have to do too much since it was a beach wedding.  Also, The Olde Pink House is beautiful as is, so we didn’t do anything there!

We started by doing our own invitations and programs.  We just got some from Michael’s and designed our own.  Quick and easy.

Our friends Mistie and Erin, along with my sister did most of the decorating.  Without them it never would have looked so good.  Each program was sitting in a chair with a shell on top.  It looked so pretty.

Kevin painted this sign a few days before the wedding.

Mistie, Kelly and Erin spent one Friday night assembling these Mason Jars.

Mistie ordered a bunch of shells to use.  I love what they did with them on the isle.  Notice how they also smoothed the sand on the isle.

After a thousand trips to Michael’s (in order to use coupons) I finally got enough glass vases to use.  We also picked up the bamboo mat to get married on.  We thought it would be great to have it in our home someday.

And here is the entire ceremony site.

After the ceremony we needed to clean up all those shells.  We brought buckets for each of our nieces and nephews to “clean up” for us.  They loved it.

We couldn’t have been happier with everything.  It was perfect.  Thanks again to my girls for doing it all!  And Mistie was as sick as she has ever been, and it was still amazing!



Getting Ready | Style

Here are some pictures of us getting ready, and a few funny ones.  Most of these are all funny.

Kelly spent the night with me at my hotel Friday night.  When Vanessa got there to take pictures we decided to take a few of us pretending to be asleep.

Mistie and Erin brought breakfast that morning.

The girls.  Vanessa was mostly behind the camera so I am glad to have these with her.

The girls opening their gifts.

I love that Vanessa captured these next pictures.  Kelly helping me get dressed…

It was really funny.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for all the DIY deets!


Wedding Attire | Style

I couldn’t have been happier with the choice of my wedding dress, the bridesmaid dresses, and the suits.  I picked the perfect dress, and let the girls pick out the dresses they wanted.  Kevin picked out the suits.  It was easy and we couldn’t have been happier.

Oh, it is worth mentioning that I picked out my wedding shoes before I picked out my wedding dress….

Love them.  And now my dress…

Now the suits.

And now the maids…

And here we all are together.

I didn’t want things to be too “matchy matchy.”  The girls had different shoes, wraps, and wore their hair how they wanted.  We also all carried different flowers.

If you notice I am wearing a birdcage veil.  It was the one thing I decided to add after I saw Kevin, so there would be something a little different.

And we cannot forget my favorite part of the attire…

Thanks for reading my posts this week.  Tomorrow I plan on showing some of the getting ready pictures and the funny pics.

The Olde Pink House | Random

I won’t be posting a recipe today, but I am going to talk about the delicious food we had at our wedding reception.

Since vacationing in Savannah, and Tybee Island, Kevin and I have loved The Olde Pink House.  It has so much history, wonderful food, and so many memories for us.  It was during a trip to Savannah a few years back when we walked by the ballroom and both knew it would be where we had a reception.  We weren’t engaged yet, but we knew.  Jump forward to planning the wedding and we booked it right away.  The staff at The Olde Pink House was amazing.  It was so easy to plan with them, and it was everything we wanted.  The wait staff kept everyone’s drinks full, and were accommodating to everyone’s needs.

Kevin and I decided to eat together before the reception started.  We were able to eat and enjoy our food and enjoy each other.  I recommend this to anyone planning a wedding!

On the menu, guests had a three course dinner.  The first course choice consisted of Low Country She Crab Soup laced with Golden Sherry, or a Baby Greens Salad with carmelized apples, pecans, goat cheese fritter, and champagne vinaigrette.  The Entree choice was a Pecan crusted chicken breast with Blackberry Bourbon Sauce, or Crispy Scored Flounder with Apricot Shallot Sauce, or Filet Mignon with Green Peppercorn Demi. And for dessert, wedding cake.  Susan, my sister in law made the cake and it was perfect.  For wedding favors we gave everyone pralines from River Street Sweets.

Do you see Mona?  We loved that surprise from Susan.

It was perfect.  The perfect venue, the perfect menu, the perfect man.

If you visit Savannah, you have to go to The Olde Pink House. Get the flounder!

Happy Anniversary | Random

One year ago I married the man of my dreams.  The day was perfect.  A perfect day in Tybee Island, Georgia.

Kevin and I saw each other before the ceremony.  We were so happy we did.  We were able to really see each other, and talk before the wedding.

His expression is one I always wanted my husband to have when he saw me.

I love remembering every detail of our wedding.  I am so excited to share them this week!  We plan to celebrate at home cooking, enjoying our cake top, and some champagne left over from our reception.

Kevin, Happy Anniversary!  I am more in love with you than ever before!  I am the lucky one, even though you tell me every day how lucky you are.  You are the most handsome man in every way, and I should tell you everyday like you tell me everyday how beautiful I am.  I love to think of my life with you and love that there are so many great things to come for us.  I am so thankful for the life I have with you, and cherish every day.  I love how you support me and you take care of me. I love being your wife.

All my love,


One Year Anniversary | Random

Sunday we will celebrate our Anniversary.  One wonderful year that has been filled with fun, sadness, tears, and laughter.  It has been filled with love.  Our first year of marriage has shown us that we can get through anything as long as we do it together.

I love to talk about our wedding day, and plan to do so all next week through my blog posts.  Until then I will leave you with a few pictures from this time last year.  Thanks again to Vanessa for the amazing pictures.

There will be many more pictures from our wedding day, but if you want to see some of our engagement photos visit Vanessa’s blog here, here, and here.

I am a very lucky girl.