Boot socks | Style

I totally took this idea from my sister.  She has some great ideas so look for her to guest blog soon!

Kelly loves boots like we all do.  A while back she told me she wanted boot socks (basically really long socks), but didn’t have any, so she cut the feet off of her kinda long socks and now her kinda long socks became boot socks.  (That all made perfect sense in my head so I hope it is clear).

So the other day she told me she made sweater boot socks!  She simply cut the sleeves off of an old sweater and there you have it!  (Remember how I’ve said never get rid of clothes you don’t wear?)  I went to my storage of clothes I don’t wear and pulled out an old sweater.  I think you know what happened next.

Kevin gave me a big “no”, when I (jokingly) suggested we use the rest of the sweater as a sweater vest for Mona.  (Jokingly because dogs should not wear clothes).

And those sleeves became socks!

Love it, thanks Kelly.

Showing you this picture for 2 reasons…Number 1.  This is how I look at myself in the mirror from time to time if Kevin is still sleeping. (The full length mirror is in our bedroom, this is the guest bathroom).  And number 2.  The light was so much better in here.  This means you will probably see more bathroom pictures.  Wait that sounds weird.


Check back Thursday to see what I did with the rest of the sweater!


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