Candle Sweaters | DIY

So you know that I had some leftover sweater from Tuesday’s post.  I instantly knew what I wanted to do…Sweaters for my candles.  As Kevin said, “Because candles get cold?”  Yep exactly.

I had seen similar ones in one of my magazines, and thought it looked pretty easy.  Plus I have a ton of glass candle holders.  As I was thinking through this project, I also remembered a sock I had that would work.

First I decided on which candle holders I wanted to use.  I visualized a group of them together so that was how I chose.

I worked on the sock first.

I just cut the foot off.  (I used my bed as my workspace).  I just put the candle holder into the sock.

And that was it.  This was the easiest one to do.  Now on to the others.

I decided which part of the sweater I wanted to use, measured it by wrapping it around the glass, and then cut and made adjustments.  I knew I wanted to use the part with buttons.

I pinned it closed and then sewed it together.  (I just used needle and thread).  I will show a pic in a sec of the finished product.

I also had 2 small tea lights.  Same thing, just wrap it around and sew.

Here are my warm little candles…

The one with the buttons is my fave.  I love the shape of it.  Also, you can just slip these on and off so you can use the candle holders for other things.  I love them, and will leave them up all winter.

I like them grouped together, and here they are, all a glow.

I was glad I threw the sock in there for the different texture.  Kevin was glad Mona isn’t wearing a sweater.

If you don’t want to cut up a sweater you could probably go find one somewhere, Goodwill I bet would  have a ton!


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