A Little Branding by the Campfire | Style

Sunday night Kevin and I decided to build a fire and enjoy our wine outside.  Since we were building a fire, (and when I say “we” I mean Kevin), it was a good time to brand some stuff.

Let me back up a bit.  A while ago my Dad got Kevin an “H” brand.

Since we don’t have any cattle to brand, I wanted to brand my leather boots.  Before I get into all that, look at this fire my hubby built!

We let the brand sit in the fire for a while and get real hot.

And what happens next really doesn’t take a lot of explanation…




We did both boots.  I like it.  So did Kevin, he went to his car to grab this…

And he did this…



After that he branded his leather cigar case.  And then we were trying to think of other things to brand.  Yep, we even offered to brand each other.

So, that’s what goes on here at the Hill household on a Sunday night.  Feel free to stop by with your leather goods.  You only have the option of the “H” however.

Oh, and we didn’t brand each other.




5 thoughts on “A Little Branding by the Campfire | Style

  1. I am just so glad your fire did not get out of control like normal. This is fun. Why did Dad not get us a C brand? I will have to take that up with him I guess. That is really fun though!!!

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