Mail | DIY

Okay so this was pretty much our mail situation.

And it drove me crazy.  If we had people over I would put it away, but day to day this is what we had going on.  I hate clutter and this was super clutter to me.  I had to think of something.  We needed it where we could still see it/have quick access/ and not forget that we have bills to pay…whatever.

So we had this laying around.

It’s one of those Kleenex hand towel dispensers.  I gathered all my materials…

Letters, paint, butcher’s twine, and a curious dog.

I first cut the top off the box.

Then stuck the letters on.

It’s great to have some help while doing projects.

Then I just painted.

You have to carefully peel the letters of while the paint is still wet.  Otherwise the paint will peel off with the letters.

I decided to put it on the side of the fridge, it is easy to get to but out of the way.

And now this is our mail free situation.

This was an easy solution to get the mail off the counter.  It may not last forever, and I may decide to do something else with the mail, but for now I’m happy.

What do you all do with your mail as it comes in?

Total cost of this project…$0.00


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