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This past week Vanessa and I decided to do a little shopping.  We decided to begin a series of posts featuring items you can buy at Ross, Marshalls, HomeGoods, etc.  Oh, and we could only spend $50.00.  This will be fun.  This week we just bought anything we wanted.  Some of our next trips will include shopping for accessories, home products, an entire outfit, shoes, and shopping for our hubby’s.  Oh and we event thought about a doing a little Christmas shopping.  So anyway here is what I came home with…

I love an off the shoulder top and this one is great.  It is so soft, looks good with jeans, but I can see myself lounging in it with my yoga pants.   It was $7.99.

Next is another soft, cotton stripe.  I like the shape and it is also very comfy.  $6.99.

On my list was a new bag.  I normally buy my bags at these stores and I found one.

I love the color.  It was $21.99.

The last thing I bought was slightly random, but it has been on my list for a while.  I am hoping to use it for our next gathering.

A drink dispenser. It was only $13.99.

So my grand total was $54.65.  Slightly over budget but who cares?  So stay tuned to see what Vanessa and I get into next shopping trip.  And go shop at these stores, you can find great stuff!  I shop there all the time.  You can see all the good things I bought at HomeGoods here. Now go on over to Vanessa’s blog and see what she found for $50.00!


5 thoughts on “Ross Shopping Spree | Style

  1. I love that Vanessa has such a great friend that loves shopping as much as she does. I am THANKFUL to you and Kevin for being not just friends but family to Vanessa and Ryan. Hope to see you all soon!


    • Thanks for the comment! We both love our time and memories with Vanessa and Ryan and couldn’t imagine our lives without them. I know you miss them daily, but we are so thankful they are here and we certainly consider them family! We will see you next week!

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