Wedding DIY | DIY

We decided right away that we would do as much as possible ourselves in order to save money, and make it exactly what we wanted.  We were lucky that we didn’t have to do too much since it was a beach wedding.  Also, The Olde Pink House is beautiful as is, so we didn’t do anything there!

We started by doing our own invitations and programs.  We just got some from Michael’s and designed our own.  Quick and easy.

Our friends Mistie and Erin, along with my sister did most of the decorating.  Without them it never would have looked so good.  Each program was sitting in a chair with a shell on top.  It looked so pretty.

Kevin painted this sign a few days before the wedding.

Mistie, Kelly and Erin spent one Friday night assembling these Mason Jars.

Mistie ordered a bunch of shells to use.  I love what they did with them on the isle.  Notice how they also smoothed the sand on the isle.

After a thousand trips to Michael’s (in order to use coupons) I finally got enough glass vases to use.  We also picked up the bamboo mat to get married on.  We thought it would be great to have it in our home someday.

And here is the entire ceremony site.

After the ceremony we needed to clean up all those shells.  We brought buckets for each of our nieces and nephews to “clean up” for us.  They loved it.

We couldn’t have been happier with everything.  It was perfect.  Thanks again to my girls for doing it all!  And Mistie was as sick as she has ever been, and it was still amazing!




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