Tybee Island Thanksgiving | Random

We spent this past Thanksgiving in Tybee Island.  You all know how much we love Tybee and how much it means to us.  It was great to spend it with my Mom and Step Dad and the Carnes fam.  We did miss the Hill family though…

We had the most relaxing time.  No plans, no schedule, it was great.  And I got to spend five days with these guys..

I also had a lot of fun with Kelly.

We did a lot of this together.

We ate Thanksgiving dinner around 8:00 Thursday night.  We spent some time on the beach, and took our time cooking and enjoying the day.  Mom did the turkey, gravy, and dressing, we did all of the sides and dessert.  It was so good.

The kids spent a lot of time on the iPad.

Friday and Saturday was spent  on the beach, and Kevin and I spent a bit of time on the island shopping around.

Kevin forgot his entire suitcase at home…good thing we were in relaxation mode and had a washing machine.

Kevin and I took a walk to the location of our wedding.  It is great to be able to go back there and remember.

Saturday night we went to a boat parade on the Savannah River.  All of the boats were decked out in lights.  There was a fireworks show after the parade.  We all loved it, but wanted to figure out how to get a boat and join the parade next year.

We had a ton of laughs on the trip and as always can’t wait to go back.  Tybee has provided us with so many wonderful memories and this trip has given us even more.

Kelly, I can’t wait to read your comment as I am sure you will mention the funny things I neglected to mention…



3 thoughts on “Tybee Island Thanksgiving | Random

  1. Well my lower back is feeling better after my cargo ship accident, thanks for asking! I have no fingernail polish left. Other than that, we had the very best time!!!! This will be a tradition for sure. Seriously one of the best times ever.

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