Fur Leg Warmers | Style

So I saw these while we were in Savannah, and I have been thinking about them since.

Fur leg warmers.

They would look good with jeans.

They would look good with heels.

Good with leggings.


I found these online, but I cannot remember where they are from….I did a fur leg warmers search.

I don’t know if I will get these or not, but I would wear them proudly if I had them.  Maybe I will get them.

What do you think about them?  Would you wear them? Should I get them?  Do you have any?  Do you have any fur or are you anti fur?

If you know me you know my take on fur.  Remember a little bridal portrait shoot here?  This fur was given to me by my Mother in law.  It belonged to her mother.  I treasure it.

Maybe there will be a fur leg warmers giveaway real soon…



4 thoughts on “Fur Leg Warmers | Style

  1. YES I would wear them. Yes you should get them. Yes I should get some. Yes, you should do a fur leg warmer give away. Oh you did not ask our opinions on that huh, well anywhoo… I LOVE these. I would wear them out somewhere fancy, and I would wear them to Walmart. I would wear them around the house cause they are pretty!!! I hope I was clear about how I feel about them!

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