Fur Leg Warmers Giveaway | Style

I wrote about my love for these fur leg warmers here.   And here they are again…

Well, I just ordered myself a pair!  And since it is the Holiday’s and I am in the spirit of giving, I also ordered a pair for one of you!

To enter, simply leave a comment telling me where you would wear these leg warmers.  I know I would wear my jeans, heels, and the leg warmers out to dinner with Kevin.  I would also wear them to go run errands or shopping. You may see me wear them to my Holiday events.  Even to work!

You have all week to enter.  Giveaway ends Friday night at 9:00.  Random.org will select a winner and I will let you know Saturday who will be rocking these fur beauties.

Btw, they are faux fur….


8 thoughts on “Fur Leg Warmers Giveaway | Style

  1. I would wear them out shopping and out with the girls. I would also wear them at home with the family and especially on Christmas morning!

  2. I would wear these leg warmers while enjoying an intimate night with my man. We would be lounging on our private patio sipping wine, talking, listening to Chrismas jazz, and… (You know where this is going!)

  3. I would wear these leg warmers all winter with all of my leggings. I say ALL of my leggings because due to my ever-expanding baby bump (AND hips… AND booty) leggings are the only thing I fit into anymore. Plus, leggings are comfortable…. like faux-fur leg warmers! 😉

  4. I would wear these fabulous leg warmers while walking downtown enjoying the beautiful Christmas decorations and lights with my hubs Mike and our sweet girls. I hope they come in kid sizes, because Abby will have to have a pair too!

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