Ornaments, 4 Ways | DIY

Michaels had these craft ornaments on sale this past weekend for 50% off.  (I got them for $2.49).  I decided to make a few ornaments.  I had one in mind to make, but they came in a pack of 4 so I needed to come up with 3 more ideas.  I will get to that in a minute.  So this first ornament would have beads.  Lots of beads.  So I  picked up some beads while at Michaels.

As always Mona is there to help.  The ornaments are a good size.  You can tell they are a good size next to Mona’s enormous head…

I had 2 packs of the small beads, and 1 pack of the larger beads.  And my trusty glue gun.  First I placed all of the large beads all around the ornament.  There was no pattern, no plan, just glue and stick.  Next, I glued all of the small beads on one…at……a……….time.  This was very tedious.  Not difficult at all, but time-consuming.  I think it took me an hour at least.  I know that because E News was on for the entire process.  I think next time I may try some spray adhesive and a “roll the ornament in the beads” method.  The glue gun worked great though, and the beads aren’t going anywhere.  Anyway, here is the finished product.

As I was making this ornament I began to think about the others.  After all, I had a good hour to ponder my next move.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it.  I got an invitation from our wedding, cut it into strips, rolled each piece around to make a circle, and placed  into the ornament.  I thought it turned out very pretty.

Next up is ornament number 3.  I had some driftwood left over from this project.  I simply put some pieces inside.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the last ornament.  My ideas were to cover it in fabric, cover it in leftover sweater from this project and this project, monogram it, or paint it.  Painting it was what I decided on.  I wanted to try to make it look like mercury glass, which I saw on Pinterest, and decided this was a perfect opportunity to try it.  We are lucky to have a Lowes right up the road from our house, so Kevin and I went and grabbed some chrome spray paint.  I would have normally just used whatever I had on hand, but I really wanted to try out this technique.  It was very easy, and you can do this on anything glass.  I want to try this on a lamp.  Anyway, all you do is spray the glass all over with water, don’t dry, and immediately spray paint it.  Just a thin layer because you will repeat as much as you want.  I ended up only doing one coat.  I love how it turned out.

The picture doesn’t really show how cool this is.  The water doesn’t allow all of the paint to adhere making it look slightly antiqued…like mercury glass.

As I have said before, the best decorating is that which is meaningful to you.  The possibilities are endless with these ornaments.  You can put sand from a vacation, ticket stubs, photos, or anything that means something to you.

How would you decorate ornaments?  Is there anything special you would do?


9 thoughts on “Ornaments, 4 Ways | DIY

  1. These are great. I love them all! The beaded one and the mercury glass ones are beaurtiful and look like something you buy at Pottery Barn. Love them!! I wish I knew where my wedding invitations are. It would be pretty to fill one with pine needles, red berries, or even mistle toe. (By the way Barry shot some down last weekend,.Very pretty!!) You would have to change them every year unless you used fake. Fun Project!!!

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