Our Christmas | Random

I hope you all had a great Christmas!  We sure did, and I wanted to share a little of ours with you.  It is always such a busy time, but I love the hustle and bustle.  Kevin and I did agree that one of the best parts of Christmas is the relaxation after it is all said and done.  We so enjoyed staying in our pj’s all day and watching our nieces and nephew play with new toys, and eating leftovers and goodies.

We left our house around 6 am Christmas morning to get to my sister’s house.  We ate breakfast, enjoyed mimosas, and enjoyed each others company.  It was also great to see our little ones.

She doesn’t look thrilled, but she was…

Such a sweet boy.

And a sweet girl.

Kelly and I got our first guns for Christmas.  Dad got us BB guns.  We love them and are now ready for an upgrade.  Watch out!

We were shooting diet coke cans…

Phoebe also got in on the action.  She got a BB gun last year.

My brother in law got a pellet gun, it is a BB gun on steroids.  We all shot that too.

It had a scope which was really cool. Kelly and I shot a small bottle cap with this gun.  So much fun!

The targets, notice the bottles and cans hanging from tree limbs.

It seems as if we shot guns the entire time, we didn’t, I just got a lot of pictures.

I did get some of Sophie posing for the camera.  She was playing with Kevin at the time.

We always enjoy spending time with the family.  We hate to leave, but we were happy to get back home to see Mona.  We aren’t sure what we are doing for New Year’s, but whatever it is we are sure to have great food and drinks!

Happy New Year to all of you!






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