Finally | DIY

I am happy to report I finally got my sewing machine!  I can also report that after a week of trying to figure it out on my own I am officially frustrated.  I have even enlisted the help of Kevin, you know, to help me decipher a picture or direction.

I will be going to a sewing 101 class next week.

I can hardly wait.  my machine is sitting here, mocking me waiting on me to get all crafty.  You see, I have big plans for my machine, together we will whip up curtain panels, pillows, and other things for the house.  I will then Project Runway up some beautiful clothes that will be considered high fashion…yeah, forget that last part, I may make a scarf.

So stay tuned, I will let you know how my class went, and what I can create after just one class!

Until then here she is…

Oh and don’t forget about the Birchbox giveaway!


2 thoughts on “Finally | DIY

  1. Yah Kara!! I am so excited for you! Welcome to the fray; life will never be the same! I wish I was closer, I’d come give you a lesson for free!! I can’t wait to see your creations!

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