Phone Cases | DIY

Kevin and I both got new phones over the Holidays, and I, of course, needed a fantastic case.  I knew right away I would DIY one.  We ordered 4 clear cases, 4 because I wanted to try a few things, and switch cases out as I wanted.   Kevin can have a case if he wants one…

So, case number one was super easy.  I used some leftover fabric from this project, and just traced the outline of the phone onto the back side of the fabric.  (I just used that paper pretend phone that came in the case).

I cut it out and it fit okay.  It isn’t perfect, but you can only tell if you are really studying the phone.  Only I do that.  I thought about using some spray adhesive to glue the fabric down, but once I put it in the phone it seemed pretty secure.  No glue needed.  Plus I can change out the fabric as much as I want!

Case number 2 was also easy, just a bit more time consuming.  For this case I knew I wanted some gold bling.  I don’t know why, but that was the decision.  I knew Michaels had some glitter paint so I picked some up while I was there.  The cases are plastic so I was unsure how the paint would stick and look, however I still had 2 more cases if this one didn’t turn out.

I used a small sponge brush and painted a coat.  It just looked clear with a bit of glitter.  It wasn’t looking good.

I let that dry for about an hour and went back for a second coat.  I repeated this paint, dry, wait an hour cycle about 6 times.  I finally got the desired look.

So this one isn’t perfect either.  I think it looks good, good enough to use for a while and switch it out with another one.  So I have 2 left, and I will probably pimp those out too.  Any ideas on what I should do?

I thought about beading one, maybe with some pearl beads, similar to this Christmas ornament I made here.  It may be heavy and chunky though.

Oh, each case was only $4.00.  I think with shipping we paid around $22.00.  Not bad for 4 cases when you can buy one at the store for $25.00.

Let me know what your ideas are for the next cases!  Oh and I had my sewing 101 class last night!  Stay tuned to hear all about that!


8 thoughts on “Phone Cases | DIY

  1. These are great! I’ve been looking for a really cute new case and some of them are so expensive, never thought to DIY one. Thanks of sharing! P.S. I found you on SITS (love your blog).

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