Sewing 101 | DIY

I had my sewing class last week.  It was very basic, but I needed very basic.  I took my machine and learned on it, so that was nice.  We basically learned how to thread the machine, which is difficult enough the first time around.  I had figured this out, (with the help of my dear husband and YouTube), but it was nice to have the confirmation that I had it right.  We also practiced making a few different  stitches.  That was pretty much all we did, but the sweet instructor talked a lot about sewing and encouraged us not to give up when we get frustrated, but rather walk away.  Because we will get frustrated.  Oh boy.  She gave us her contact information and suggested we call with any questions we have.  I will be taking her up on that for sure, along with some friends who sew beautifully…hope you don’t mind, you know who you are!

So feeling all confident I wanted to try to make a pillow.  I wanted to practice more than anything, so I used some of my practice fabric and whipped this bad boy up in no time.

Now, I did great on the 3 sides, but that 4th side looks kinda rough.  Any tips on that one?  Oh and this is not a regular size pillow.  It is small.  Really small.  It was my practice pillow, so there was no need for a full size.  However, Kevin found a use for it.

Obviously I made him move over.

We may or may not have had some wine….

Oh see, there is the 4th side.

So my next class we will be making a tote bag.  Stay tuned for the results of that.  I have a few things in mind to make that shouldn’t be too hard, at least in my mind they aren’t.

So if you sew, any tips for a beginner?  Any books I must get or something simple to make?


8 thoughts on “Sewing 101 | DIY

  1. You telling Kevin’s phone to scoot over is hilarious!!!! I can’t sew, so no suggestions here except to try, try, again so you can get really good. You never know when I may need clothing for our hunting show.

  2. iPhone pillows! Hilarious!!! Congrats on learning to sew. I am so happy my mom showed me the basics when I was young because now I love putting things together. I am by no means an expert and a lot of my stuff is trial and error, but it’s been fun opening an Etsy shop with some pillows I’ve made and making a couch with my husband. Sewing is one of those skills that can really open up your creativity so my hats off to you. Bravo!

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