30 For 30 Remix | Style

So Vanessa and I have been talking about this challenge and we are ready to give you all the deets!  We are so excited about this and hope you all will jump on board and join us in this challenge.  There are some great giveaways for those who participate if you need a little motivation!

So it’s the time of year when I try not to shop.  It is the in-between time of winter and spring, so I really try to hold out until I can get my hands on some great spring clothes.  Plus, I figure I can make do with what I have on hand in my closet.  Here is where the challenge begins.  30 items…30 days.  You in?

We got this idea from a blog Vanessa and I  follow, Kendi Everyday.  Here’s the rundown.  Pick 30 items from your closet.  It is completely up to you, but you will want to plan this out a bit because you can only wear a combination of these items for the 30 days.  You will pick pants, skirts, sweaters, shirts, cardigans, and yes…shoes.  Kevin asked me if I was going to pick one dress and 29 pairs of shoes…don’t think I didn’t consider it.  Don’t wear anything else for the 30 days except for a combination of your 30 items.  Accessories don’t count towards your 30 items…you’re welcome.  So mix it up with scarves, tights, hats, jewelry, even changing up nail polish will add to a look.  One exception is leggings.  If you are going to wear leggings as pants they must count towards your 30 items.  If you will wear them as tights, they count as an accessory.  I normally wear mine as pants so they will have to count towards my 30.  Another exception will be if you have a special event to attend such as a wedding, benefit, etc, you may wear an appropriate dress to the event not included in your 30.  Oh, and no shopping for 30 days!

Kendi has a great workbook available to download for $4.00.  We have used this as we plan.  This is gonna be fun, come on, join us!

You will need to take a picture of your 30 items (we need to see what you’ve got going on), you may want to group all of your pants together on your bed and snap a pic, we don’t need 30 separate pictures.

*Email us at vanessa@vanessaschrotenboer.com & everydayinstilettos@gmail.com all of your items! This just helps us see that you are joining the challenge!
*Leave us a comment on one of our blogs letting us know you have are participating and what you are hoping to gain from this challenge!
*Let us know by Tuesday, Jan 31st if you are joining the challenge by doing the 2 items above!

*Send us weekly emails:  We are asking that you send us a weekly email showing us one of your outfits!  We would like these images to be sent to us no later than Sunday before we start the following week!
*Comment on our blogs throughout the challenge letting us know how the challenge is going for you. Likes/Dislikes/what you are learning/favorite outfits. What you want to buy when this is over!

To help you get motivated  your weekly email will enter your name ONE more time into the drawing.
For instance:
Your comment/initial email with all your items = 1 entry
Week 1 email w/ one or more outfits = 1 entry
Week 2 email w/ one or more outfits = 1 entry
Week 3 email w/ one or more oufits = 1 entry
week 4 email w/ one or more outfits = 1 entry
Total: 5 entries!

Vanessa and I will be posting our outfits daily so be sure to check us both out!  Please jump over to her site and read her 30 for 30 post, hopefully it will be clear with both of us explaining it.  However, if you have any questions please leave a comment and we will get right back to ya.

To help you get inspired check out this video below!!!

Remember, if you accept this challenge you will be entered for a fab giveaway.  One person (randomly selected by random.org) will win a $75.00 Visa gift card.  Two more of you will win an accessory picked out by Vanessa and me.

We are excited!  Who’s with us?


12 thoughts on “30 For 30 Remix | Style

  1. I love this! One of my New Year’s resolutions is to do one personal challenge/experiment each month. I did a 10-day juice fast in January and was planning to clean out my closet in February This will fit in perfectly and give my challenge some structure. Looking forward to it!

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