I Made a Scarf | DIY

I am sew happy I got my sewing machine. ( Now is when Kevin would laugh and roll his eyes a little at the “sew happy” part.  I bust out a play on words all the time and it is one of the many things he loves about me)….but I’m off topic.

Sew,So, I have wanted to spend as much time as possible on the sewing machine.  I guess that is a good sign, and also means I haven’t gotten too frustrated yet.  I mean, at this point I can whip out a straight stitch like nobody’s business.

I love scarves, who doesn’t?  So while at the fabric store I picked up this pretty floral fabric.

It is actually inside out in the above picture, but you can still see how lovely it is.  I used 2 yards of fabric, (and here is where it gets technical) cut it in half.  I wanted to use the fold side as a good clean side that I wouldn’t have to sew.

I sewed the other side, remember the fabric is inside out, and one of the ends.

Straight stitch, pretty fabric…

Now, just like my 4th side issue with my tiny pillow, I also had a 4th side here.  You see, Once you sew the 3 sides you can’t sew the 4th because you have to turn it right side out.   Then you are left with an open side and a beginner pondering her next move.

“I guess just sew it” I said.

Sew I did.  I know this isn’t the perfect way to do it, but I’m learning, and at my next sewing class I will be sure to ask.

I did trim it up a bit.  I figure that a scarf is all wound around so no one will ever know.  I plan on making more scarves, fabric shopping is fun.

I have my next sewing class next week, where we will be making a tote bag!

Oh, and don’t forget to join our 30 for 30 remix!  It will be fun!


5 thoughts on “I Made a Scarf | DIY

  1. I sew want to learn to make a scarf. Sew now you can teach me!!! I love it, very pretty. How long did it take, because you remember the camo attire we are gonna sport at the farm and you may have several scarves to make. Just saying.

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