My First Christian Louboutin’s | Random

I love shoes.  Love them.  I would rather have shoes than jewelry.  I pick out outfits around shoes.  I bought my wedding shoes before my wedding dress.  I love shoes.

This is the story of my very first pair of my favorite shoes, Christian Louboutin’s.    Let’s begin by looking at this picture.

Would you believe that just 15 minutes before this picture was taken I had been crying hysterically?  Seriously, my biggest adult cry to date.

It all started with my birthday.  My wonderful, fiance at that time, surprised me with a beautiful pair of Christian Louboutin’s.  Similar to these…

Except mine were not sling back.  Well, they were a bit too small so we took a trip to Neiman Marcus.  You see, we had our engagement pictures scheduled for that day, and I so wanted to wear these for my pictures.  They didn’t have my size in these cork beauties, so I opted for a different pair…(so I could wear them in pictures).  It actually turned out great because the shoes I ended up getting were a bit cheaper than the cork ones, so we also got my wedding shoes… these beauties…

Am I the luckiest girl or what?  Two pairs of designer shoes in one day?  But I’m off topic.  I was so happy and once we got home we both changed for our pictures.  Kevin was finished and waiting for me downstairs.  I slipped on my new red soled loves and admired them in the mirror.  I walked downstairs waiting for Kevin to tell me how great I looked (like he does everyday…awww) and… I……slipped.

My heart still hurts thinking about this.  Give me a minute.              Okay.  I fell.  I was okay, but when I saw my shoe I was in complete hysterics.  No joke, not being dramatic, full blown hysterics.  My heel had broken. Bad.  Kevin was by my side and was attempting to calm me down.  He said it was the worst face I had ever made.  He thought I was hurt badly.  My thought obviously was that Kevin had spent a lot of money on these shoes and I ruined them.  I felt every emotion.  So Kevin called our sales girl at Neiman Marcus.  I knew there was no hope.  But, she said they would take them back!  WHAT?  Yes, we took them back.  Now, they didn’t have my size so we had to order them, (which means I didn’t end up wearing them in my engagement pics) and they came later that week.

So now I have the beauties you see everyday on my home page of this blog.  But here they are again.

It really was an emotional day.  We ended up getting our pictures taken by the wonderful Vanessa, and we decided that crying makes your eyes really blue.  I did get to wear my shoes for our second engagement shoot as seen above.  (If you are interested you can see both engagement sessions here and here.

I would love to get the cork shoes.  I want a closet full of Christian Louboutin’s and I want all of my friends to have them!  I want to meet Christian Louboutin and ask him if we can be friends.  Is that weird?

I wear my shoes a lot.  As much as possible but I haven’t walked down stairs in them once.  Not once, and I doubt I ever will.

PS. Don’t forget about this great challenge!  There is a gift card up for grabs!


4 thoughts on “My First Christian Louboutin’s | Random

  1. Well, I have to say that you have a one of a kind husband. Also, I want to say that because of you and Kevin, I have Christian Louboutin shoes too. Thank you for that wonderful present!!!! They are tortoise shell and are beautiful!!! I tried to post a picture. Oh well, just trust me that they are breathtaking. I sometimes take them out of their red bag and touch them and put them on with my yoga pants. I must admit, I have talked to them a little. I can’t imagine having them break. So glad to know that quality items and quality sales people still exist!!

  2. I know this was heart breaking. When Kev called to tell me about it, he was so concerned. I’m glad you got 2 pairs out of it.

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