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What an unexpected surprise I got from Nissi, from Nissiknows.wordpress.com when she nominated me for the 7×7 blog awards!  This is my very first blog recognition and I am honored to participate.  You must go read Nissi’s blog, as she writes beautifully, and puts life into perspective through her posts.  (And I understand she is a shoe gal like me!)  I admit, I had to do a little research just to see what this was all about, and am excited to write this post.  You have a few requirements so here I go….

Number 1.  Thank the person who nominated you.  Nissi, thank you for the nomination, and for reading my blog.  I appreciate that you have taken an interest in what I write and I love that even though I don’t know you, I feel supported by you.

Number 2.  Share 7 things about yourself.  Only 7?  Okay….

1.  I eat Nutella with a spoon for dessert.

2.  I want to learn a foreign language, but know I never will.

3. My husband and I go through 2 gallons of milk each week.

4. I want to go to Greece, badly.

5. I enjoy ironing.

6. I want Giuliana Rancic’s job on E!

7. I hate talking on the phone.

Number 3.  Share 7 of your blog posts that fit into the following categories…

Most beautiful:  Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas  The song gets me every time.  I am so hopeful that my heart will be light and that my troubles will be out of sight…

Most Helpful:  Moss Wreath  I say this was the most helpful because from all of my DIY posts, this one has had the most views…hmmmm.

Most Popular: Egg Noodle Casserole  Again I relied on my stats to tell me this one.  I guess you all liked this one.  (It is pretty good).

Most Controversial: Pink or Blue and Our Healing Hearts  I wouldn’t say these were controversial, but they were the closest posts I had.  I couldn’t pick one without the other.  This could be considered controversial only because I really opened up to share wonderful news when maybe I shouldn’t have.  I don’t regret it, but one could question if that really was the right move.  I opened myself up to where I had no choice but to write Our Healing Hearts…

Most Surprisingly Successful: Color Blocking  Just surprised this was successful that’s all.

Most Underrated: Wedding Attire  Come on people, it was my wedding!

Most Pride Worthy: Driftwood Monogram  This was the project that Kevin loved the most.  This is meaningful to us because it is made from the driftwood of our favorite place in the world.  I love it.  (I love all of my projects though).

Number 4. Nominate 7 other bloggers.  Okay, I can’t wait to read your posts!

The View From Erica

Indulge-Travel, Adventure & New Experiences

Lindsey Regan Thorne Be Pretty

The PinQue Blog

My Life, My Blog, and Everything I Love

Little Green Bow

So I Tried This

(This is my surprised face)  But so you know, Kevin grabbed my butt.

Have a great week!


8 thoughts on “7×7 Link Awards | Random

  1. Wow! Thanks for including me in this list. This is super fun and I plan to pay this forward next week. I’ll let you know when it’s up. It’s been very cool to get more insight into your blog and life as well. Thank you for sharing and being so open and honest.

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