Goldfish Salad | Recipes

I have to give Kevin all the credit for this salad.  He created this one night from what we had in the kitchen, and it is our go to salad.   It’s so delish and easily a meal on its own.  Now, the salad has nothing to do with goldfish, but when we shared this recipe with Vanessa she told us this story, and so the name goldfish salad has stuck.

So here it is…you need whatever greens you like, we usually use romaine.

Oh, and while you are getting everything ready, go ahead and cook up a little bacon.  You can obviously leave this out or substitute something, but this house eats bacon…

  You will also add tomatoes.  Add as much as you want.

Wash and cut a pint of strawberries and one cucumber.

And one can of mandarin oranges. (Goldfish)

Now add cheese.  You know I am a shred it yourself advocate, but use what you have…

We also normally add shaved or slivered almonds but we didn’t have any this time.

Mix it all and you have this…

You would think that some of the flavors wouldn’t mix, like strawberries and cheese, but it is so good.  Seriously good, and for those people who don’t like salad dressing (my husband…) this is the perfect salad.  I use ranch dressing and it is fab.

Now, if you are making this, and you know you will have leftovers, make it buffet style and keep the ingredients separate, otherwise the salad will be very wet and wilted the next day.

Try this and let me know what you think.

Tomorrow is the 30 for 30 remix start day.  I hope I’m happy with my 30 items….


6 thoughts on “Goldfish Salad | Recipes

  1. Not only do I love this salad, but my daughter (5 years old) does too! That is a bonus. It is super easy to make with tons of flavor!! I love to take it to lunch at work the next day too!!!

  2. I love salads with fruit in them! I have never tried this exact combination. I will have to test it out! I’m sure it’s amazing!

  3. This is the best salad. We make this all the time thanks to ya’ll! And I’m glad I was able to rename your salad for you and that I have overcome my fear of “goldfish”

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