30 For 30 Remix…Today’s the Day | Style

Today is February 1st, so 30 days of nothing but my 30 items (including shoes)…

I am excited about this, but a bit nervous.  I hope I like my choices.  I am so thankful we aren’t including lounge clothes, as I spend the majority of my time in these.  Also thankful for not including accessories.  This will save me I think.

Remember, if you are joining us, you have a chance to win a $75.00 gift card, or a pretty accessory…

I will be back later today to post my outfit, but I wanted to kick this off with all of my outfits.  It all started like this.

I just went through my closet and started grabbing clothes.

Then I made a list.

Then I said, “I’m going with this.”

Then I took pictures.

I did not iron before pics but you didn’t notice that right?







So stay tuned to see my combo of only these items…


6 thoughts on “30 For 30 Remix…Today’s the Day | Style

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