A Valentine’s Day Poll | Random

Yay for February!  Well, studies show that it is the least favorite month, but I have to disagree.  We have Valentine’s Day, and my birthday!  I’ve started to think about Valentine’s Day a bit, you know, what to get Kevin, what should we do etc. We normally cook together and maybe buy a small gift.  So with that in mind I was curious to find out what you all were doing?  Are you a V-Day hater?  Do you decorate your house in red?  Could you care less?

I’m not sure what we are doing but I must tell you about one of my favorite Valentine’s Day.  Kevin called me at work and said when I got home I needed to pack a bag.  Well I was already so excited, I didn’t care where we were going….

As we were getting ready to leave it started snowing!  We jumped in the car and drove to The Dunhill Hotel.  (Uptown Charlotte) It is an old, beautiful hotel, and we had a wonderful dinner, watching it snow.  We came home the next day, but it was so much fun to get away to our own city.  I recommend you do it sometime.

So what are your V-Day plans?


6 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Poll | Random

  1. I’m in the minority and love Fedruary too. It’s Valentines Day (pink, hearts, chocolates, diamonds, enought said) and my birthday is the 18th!

  2. My husband and I always make sure the kids have some V-Day present, stuffed animals and candy.The kids and I always make my husband a heart cake! Barry and I usually just get each other something small, like a card or candy. This year I bought myself Frye boots, and told Barry they were from him. He is getting a book that he really wants. Should be a great V-day.

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