I Made a Bag Continued | DIY

I got a new sewing machine….

You see, what I didn’t mention in this post was that during my sewing class my machine was making a strange clanking noise, and the bottom thread kept breaking.  My teacher thought something was wrong with the machine and suggested I take it back.  She also suggested I get one from a dealer, as you get a lesson to learn the machine, and you have great warranties.   So after shopping around a bit we, (we being me and my dear husband) decided on the Husqvarna Viking.  I love it.

So anyway, with a new machine I was able to finish the bag.  Remember I was pretty much figuring out the last few steps on my own.  I did the best I could. I was able to insert the lining with no problem…

Yeah, those are pockets.

And the lining again.

No, it’s not perfect, but pretty good for my first attempt at sewing something with a pattern. I think I am going to attempt some of the other bag patterns, just to familiarize myself with reading patterns.  Stay tuned as I learn to sew!                                                             (Wow, how many times can I say pattern?)


8 thoughts on “I Made a Bag Continued | DIY

  1. Pockets and everything! Project Runway may be next for you! I need to find some skirt patterns for you! A skirt is just a bag with no bottom. You can do that easy!!

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