NC Nail Art | DIY

I saw this project on Pinterest and knew I could whip this up.  I loved the look and meaning of it.  This was an easy project, but it drove Mona crazy with the hammering, so she went upstairs during this project.

I bought this wood plaque at Michaels.  I was really hoping to find a flat piece of wood somewhere, but saw this and bought it.  I also used some fairly large nails, and some string.  I used paint we had in our storage closet.

I just drew out a picture of North Carolina on a piece of construction paper.  I had printed out an outline of NC, but it was too small.  Next, I just hammered the nails in around the outline.  I just tore the paper away and was left with this.

I probably should have painted the wood before, but to be honest, I forget.  I got too excited about getting the nails in.  So I painted after.  I just used a sponge brush which allowed me to squeeze in-between the nails.

The little heart over Charlotte was the hardest part.  I attempted this a few times, and to me it looked like a clump of nails.  Finally, I used thin nails and it was much better.

It still doesn’t look like a heart, but it did after I pulled them a bit.

Finally, wrap the string a few times around the nail and match it up with a nail in the heart.  Tie a knot.  Now, just wrap the rest of it from outline to center, all the way around.

And here is the finished product!

It isn’t perfect (like most of my projects) but I am happy with the way it came out.

I would like to make one of Georgia, with the heart in Savannah.  (Which is not only the city we love, but where we got married.)

As I was making this I also thought I could sew a similar map, you know, since I love to sew now.  Look for that project possibly.

Breakdown of this project: Wood plaque $8.00.  Everything else I had at home.  Love an inexpensive project!

So go ahead, start hammering and make yourself one.  And let me know if you do!


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